Hot Octopuss – Pulse Duo III

Hot Octopuss – Pulse Duo III

I have previously reviewed the Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse for May More and I was really disappointed I couldn’t give a better review of a product and company that seems to have lots of promise. When I look at the Hot Octopus range it has so much potential that having a disappointing first experience with one of their products was unfortunate. When they asked me if I’d like to test the Pulse III Duo in exchange for an honest review I graciously accepted and kept my fingers crossed that I could give positive feedback, but I’ll be honest and say our experience with penis-related toys isn’t great, so I wasn’t holding out much hope.

The Product

There isn’t a better way for me to describe the Hot Octopus that their marketing team hasn’t already thought of so I’m going to lift the description from their website to give you an overview of the product.

PULSE is a multi-award winning male stimulator (or guybrator) that uses oscillations to stimulate the penis. The PulsePlate provides unique stimulation without the need for stroking, allowing the user to cum hands-free.

From the Hot Octopuss Website

Essentially you can use the Pulse Duo as a stroker or you can place the penis inside it and let the vibrations do their thing. Having seen the Puse Duo in action I truly think that for a lot of penis folks this is going to be a great approach not only to masturbation but for stimulating the penis into arousal.

I am still astounded when buying certain sex toys that some companies seem to make the controls as tricky as possible, so I am pleased to announce there is no such issue with the Pulse Duo. Charging is straightforward, turning the Pulse on is simple and controls are up and down. You control the oscillations on the underside with the controls on the side of the pulse and the remote control handles the vibrations that occur at the base of the toy.

Myself and my trusty assistant modelling the Pulse Duo

How You Can Use It

The idea with the Pulse Duo is that you can use it alone as a masturbator or as a couples toy. I think by couples toy this is aimed at couples that are comprised of a penis and a vulva, but I see no reason why a couple containing two penis enabled folk couldn’t have a grand old time with it too. In fact, taking it in turns to get each other off with this toy might even be more fun than getting just one penis off with it.

If however, you are a vulva endowed person, you are able to ride the vibrations of the toy while your partner enjoys the oscillations of the inside wall of the Pulse Duo, which is clearer to see in the below images which are from the Hot Octopus website.

Images Owned by Hot Octopuss

How Did We Use It

As regular readers of FlossDoesLife will know, the predominant way Bakji and I play is with FemDom as our shared kink. Which doesn’t mean we can’t use the Pulse Duo as intended, but it means my preference is to use it as a torture device, not as a mutual pleasure device. I hope this is why companies like Hot Octopuss send me products to review though because I can almost guarantee that I am going to put every toy through its paces while teasing Bakji mercilessly and if it passes that test I can guarantee it will get a good review.

To set the scene before I confirm which way my opinion swings on this toy, here is a little more information on Bakji’s predicament while the Pulse Duo throbbed away on his willy. We have a gym bench that we have turned into a kinky bench, Bakji was tied to that, with no means of escape! Which is just the way I like him. I used the Hot Octopuss as both a stroker and a stationary vibrator. It was used on its own and in conjunction with our Doxy. We used it with lube and without and both the inner oscillations and the external vibrations got a thorough testing.

The Ongoing Girth Saga

If you read my review of the the Pocket Pulse on May More’s site, you will know that the toy was no match for Bakji’s willy girth. As we are always quick to point out, we aren’t bragging and as readers of the Tease of Chastity will know, girth has become somewhat of an issue with us regarding certain kinks we would like to try.

I am pleased to announce though that those of you in possession of ample girth can definitely enjoy the Pulse Duo. That’s right, on it went and on it stayed. No popping off and no death grip needed from me to make use of it.

Did It Cause a Spunk Explosion

For us, on its own, no. However, Bakji’s honest feeback is that he wouldn’t buy these kinds of toys for solo use because they just don’t get him off, so lack of spunk isn’t necessarily an indication of the Pulse Duo’s ability. I 100% feel that for someone who is inclined towards toys for solo play this would definitely hit the spot and cause great orgasms.

The Pulse Duo definitely did have a hand in Bakji’s orgasmic delight though and its contribution is not to be underestimated. With the Pulse Duo on his willy, oscillating and vibrating and the Doxy firmly pressed into his bum crack he was writhing and moaning like a goodun’. Oh yes, the Pulse Duo was part of a FemDom tag team that achieved awesome results. There was much spunking and a joyous orgasm.

Oh, That’s Interesting!

Normally when we review toys for the penis I review them based on Bakji’s reactions and how well they serve my goals of a) teasing Bakji and b) causing him to have sexy cums. Which may seem like an odd approach, but as I mentioned previously toys aren’t his go-to method of masturbation so his personal feedback would be a bit ambivalent and also when he is deep in subspace he’s got no real idea as to what it is that is having the effect he is enjoying so much.

When we went over what was good about this particular scene he commented that it resulted in a very intense orgasm that finally felt like it was a prostate and penis orgasm combined. This is a huge win for us. One of the things he mentioned was how his perineum felt more sensitive and was responded well to how I was stroking it. With one hand on the Pulse Duo and another firmly gripping the Doxy, I can guarantee I had no spare fingers for perineum stroking! Did we have a ghost joining in our sexy fun? Not this time, this time it was the Pulse Duo working its sexy magic. How do I know it was this and not the Doxy? Because experiments show he only has the stroking sensation with the Pulse Duo in place.

Should You Get One?

If you’re in the market for this kind of toy and your research has led you to the Hot Octopuss site, or indeed this blog post then I would say you will be delighted if you purchase this product. If you’re someone who is inclined to choose the Pocket Pulse over the Pulse Duo due to the price difference, don’t do it. Save up your money and get the Pulse Duo. One of the additional factors that inlinces me to rate the Pulse Duo highly over the Pocket Pulse is sound. The Pocket Pulse was loud, which is quite a statement from someone who regularly masturbates with the Doxy which isn’t known for being a quiet toy. The Pulse Duo, however, while not silent has a completely standard and to my mind acceptable noise level considering the type of toy it is.

The Pulse Duo retails at £119.99 and the Pocket Pulse retails at £64.99

Alone or together this toy has oodles of potential and it will definitely be getting many more outings when I have Bakji tied up and at my mercy.

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