Crash Pad Series Episode 281

Crash Pad Series Episode 281

Spells? Foot worship? Candle wax? A paddle? And a dildo? How could I resist that combination? Apart from spells, all those things have featured in my own play more than once. Which meant I was keen to cast my eye of Episode 281 featuring La Muxer Diosa and Zoie Blackheart.

As I have mentioned in previous posts ‘Do Feet Make You Frisky’ and ‘That’s My Kink – Feet’ I am a big fan of incorporating feet into my play and I love seeing this occur between two femme presenting people. I am discovering that the beauty of Queer porn is that my kinks are represented in ways that deviate from the stereotypes they may normally be associated with.

More often than not porn involving foot worship is the domain of exceptionally subby guys, and while there is nothing wrong with that set-up at all, it doesn’t cater to the fact that foot worship can be extremely rewarding no matter your gender.

Image Courtesy of Crash Pad Series

Despite drawing comparisons to porn I might find somewhere like PornHub for example I tend not to watch a lot of it, and I watch even less kinky porn because I find the reactions they offer pretty unrealistic compared to my own experiences, especially when it comes to receiving pain. I feel like often the videos are made for people who want to see BDSM portrayed in a way that is less reflective of reality than I’d like it to be. What I enjoyed about watching Zoie receive wax play and a spanking with a large paddle was her clear arousal and enjoyment of what was happening. The noises she made were noises I’ve made and caused others to make.

We often talk about consent within the kink scene, and in addition to that we also discuss how it is sexy. One of the things I enjoyed in this episode it the ongoing consent, and the fact that no all requests were given the go ahead. When asked if she could spray floral water and Zoie declined politely it wasn’t the end of the scene, Diosa accepted her reason with good grace and they moved forward working the floral spray around instead of all over Zoie.  

Throughout this entire episode there are questions asked and answered to ensure that consent is ongoing within their scene together. I would love more people to see and understand the way consent can and should be used at all times, whether you are in a casual setup or an ongoing dynamic. Consent is sexy and it is crucial if you want to practice BDSM safely.

Being the bottom in either a scene or in an ongoing dynamic doesn’t mean you lose your rights to say no, this is dangerous fallacy that some people like to believe about BDSM and I applaud Crash Pad for showing that bottoms can say no, they can do it politely and that Tops can maintain their control of scene while respecting the bottoms boundaries.

Another thing I have discussed many, many times of FlossDoesLife is how Topping in and of itself during a kinky scene is a turn on. This isn’t something I am used to seeing portrayed in porn. By this I mean someone receiving no genital stimulation but sounding and looking very aroused. Seeing Diosa get turned aroused by giving Zoie an orgasm was incredibly hot. That is what it’s like for when I’m Topping someone, I’m genuinely invested in their pleasure and that is arousing, in reality, isn’t always the person on the receiving end who is moaning and using expletives to express their enjoyment. In the heat of the moment in real life scenes I find that everyone involved is moaning with pleasure and desire.

Often when watching porn I tend to fast forward through anything that isn’t hot action, because the storylines are trite and the acting is ridiculous, you get none of that with Crash Pad episodes. While people may be exploring their roles on camera it doesn’t feeling like you are watching two people ‘act’, it’s more like being a voyeur on a genuine scene between to consenting adults. Which is absolutely more enjoyable than the porn I have been watching previously.

If you think Crash Pad Series might be for you then visit them via their website or Twitter and discover what they have to offer with their subscriptions.

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