HNRX ES Rubber Wrist and Ankle Cuffs

HNRX ES Rubber Wrist and Ankle Cuffs

As regular readers of FlossDoesLife or listeners of ProudToBeKinky will know you will most commonly find me on the rocking out with Bakji’s cock out while my FemDom side goes wild. Which means any bondage equipment, or restraints I review are usually done as a Top. I expected this to be true when Honour kindly sent us the HNRX ES Rubber Wrist Cuffs and the HNRX Rubber Ankle Cuffs to review, but I think it’s safe to say they are more mine than Bakji’s.

I’ll be totally honest and say I assumed this review would be more tailored towards why these cuffs would be good for someone else rather though how perfect they are for me, purely because we have a lot of stuff and it takes a lot for something to make itself a staple in our kit bag, let it be known that I am happy to admit I was wrong though. I am so into the cuffs and I love, love, love wearing them.

Packaging, Discretion and Delivery

These things aren’t always features I focus on, especially from companies I have reviewed for before, or companies that are widely well known and the packaging, delivery and discretion are continuously the same and doesn’t warrant any new declarations. As Honour is new to this site and this is the first time I have received a package from them it seems apt to cover this.

Discretion is absolutely covered, no one who collects your parcel on your behalf or who sees you have a parcel will know their are delicious kinky goodies inside. The parcel was always well wrapped and I don’t think even the most reckless of postal workers would cause your goods to be revealed. Delivery costs are reasonable and in actual fact they are better than some more prolific adult retailers. Delivery costs and options have been a hot topic with regards to some companies over the years and I think Honour are definitely in line with the current climate.

I found the packaging of the items to be just about right in terms of the amount of packaging used. I know a lot of people find unnecessary packaging frustrating and there is none of this with the items Honour sent me. In terms of appearance, I found the packaging to be appealing, fairly classy and appropriate for beginners as well as long terms kinksters. Not everyone wants a sultry looking lady plastered across the box of their product and Honour does well to choose a nice colour combo with clear lettering instead.

Appearance, Quality and Ease of Use

My first impression of these cuffs before I’d even put them on was that they look cool. I love the additional o-rings attached to the d-rings, and there something about them being made of rubber that definitely appeals to an aesthetic I enjoy.

I initially only tried the cuffs on myself so I could photograph them, but the minute I put them on my body seemed to accept them as it’s own and a oneness with the cuffs swept over me. I’m not even sure I need to wear them as a bottom in a scene, I just want to wear them because they feel so good and I think I look flippin’ awesome in them.

It helps that they are well made and the quality of the build and the material is great. I don’t feel like they will fall apart after a few wears. We’ve lost a couple of seemingly decent items to Bajki pulling so hard he pops the rivets off of cuffs and such like, but these are up to the Bakji challenge. That doesn’t mean he gets to wer them lots though, they’re mine, all mine!

I’ve never really found cuffs that are hard to use, but these ones really don’t pose any particular problems. I am able to get them on myself, though to achieve the tightness I’d like on the wrists I do have to persevere a little, but that is more about doing things one handed though than the cuffs themselves.

Particular Points of Interest

The first thing I noticed that won these cuffs major points from me is that they fit. I have tiny wrists, as in I can wear a child’s watch kind of tiny. Cuffs and collars are items I definitely check for size before buying, so I was delighted to discover these go nice and tight, which means a good snug fit. No escaping for me should Bakji be lucky* enough to use them on me in the future. *Spoiler alert: he probably will be that lucky.

I also enjoy the fact that you can padlock these cuffs on. Honestly being able to make a restraint go from on to locked on is always a bonus in my book. Honour were also kind enough to send us the HNRX Padlocks as well to ensure we could achieve that extra level of additional restraint.

I like the fact the padlocks are grey and not gold, which I think suits the black and silver aesthetic better, I would, however, point out that the keys are individual to each lock, rather than master keys that will open all. Worth bearing in mind if you padlock someone up and want to release them quickly, know which key is for which padlock!

We also received a couple of HNRX ES Double Trigger Hooks and these again are so handy. I’ve had a few variations of these and the worst thing they can do is snag as you try to open them, but these one have lovely smooth movements and again the build quality is decent.

Nothing is Perfect

As unfortunate as it is, nothing is ever perfect and there is one flaw I have to point out about these cuffs. They sell a matching collar to go with it and I want it so much, but can’t have it because my neck is just too tiny!

Asides from making me want to have something I can’t though, there really isn’t any faults to pick with these items.

With a £29.99 each price point these are the cheapest cuffs I own, and while I didn’t pay for them because Honour sent them to me for free in exchange for a fair review I would happily pay that price for them and I would if rubber and bondage are kinks you like to indulge in then I would definitely recommend these cuffs.

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