Work With Me

Whether you are interested in connecting with me a writer or as a podcast host this is the place to find out what I can do for you and get in touch with any ideas you might have. You can use the contact form provided on this blog or you can email me via flossliddellwrites ‘at’

Writing Services

Do you accept writing commissions?

Absolutely. My areas of expertise are clear from my own site. However, I can and will turn my hand to many types of content that are not shown here. Food, fitness and healthy living are just a few of the other things that I am interested in writing about. There will be a fee for this but that rate will depend on the word count required and how quickly you need it.

Would You Like To Review Our Product?

Maybe. I will decline products that I am not happy to recommend to my readers, for example, dildos that are not body safe or books that are not supportive of our lifestyle. That said though if you have a sex toy, kink product or book (erotica or resource) that you would like me to review then please do get in touch.

Do You Support Sponsored Content?

Yes. But there are conditions. All content within the sponsored post will be my own work and I’ll only do it if I am happy to recommend your company to my readers. Use the email above to discuss rates for this service.

Will You Write Something For Free?

Perhaps. If you are a independent blogger and part of the blogging community then it is likely I would consider doing this. If you are a larger blog or a company with a marketing budget then absolutely not and I do not apologise for this being my stance on the matter.

Podcast Services


Can I Be a Guest On Your Show?

Potentially yes. If you can articulate your thoughts on kink, Fetish, BDSM, non-monogamy, gender, sexuality or any other topic you feel might be relevant to a kinky lifestyle then chances are we would love to hear from you.

Can We Advertise On Your Podcast?

Yes. Once again though only if we are happy to promote you to our listeners and if your product or service is relevant to them. Rates vary for this so please do get in touch with your enquiries.

Will You Come On My Podcast?

Most probably yes. Provided your podcast is inline with my personal beliefs and lifestyle choices then I would be delighted to join you. Whether you are one episode in or 1000 episodes in, I love supporting other podcasts so please do not hesitate even if you are a new show. I understand how nerve wracking it is to approach guests and would be happy to assist new podcasters in anyway I can.

Speaking Engagements and Events

Will You Speak At My Event?

I would definitely be happy to discuss this. It would depend on many factors. The event, of course, would have to be suitable for my interests and knowledge. Travel and monetary compensation would also be huge factors. Don’t let that put you off though, I love hearing about what people have going on and I’d love the opportunity to get involved where possible.

Will You Promote Our Event?

I promote most of the events I love for free, because I believe people will get enjoyment out of going to them. However if you would like you event to take on a more prominent position either on my blog or on the podcast then we once again need to discuss fees for that to happen. That said if you want me to attend you event in the hopes that I like it and will tell my friends and listeners about it then a free ticket is always a good place to start.
If there is anything else you would like to discuss with me then please do not hesitate to contact me.